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Bharathanatyam is a classical dance form from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is normally accompanied by classical Carnatic music. It is believed to have derived its name after the sage Bharata Muni who is the author of the thesis on dramaturgy – The Natyashastra.

We offer classes for all age groups, sharing good technique from the very beginning. Students have many opportunities to perform on stage throughout the year. 

Class Information


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At a young age, dancers are initiated into learning the basics of Bharatanatyam. These include mastering the correct postures, Adavus and Thalam. 

We make sure every class is welcoming, encouraging and lots of fun. Students learn age-appropriate routines and have the chance to perform in beautiful costumes.

Refer to curriculum for more information.


This level focuses on the basic elements of bharatanatyam introduced at the item level, including Alaripu, Jathiswaram,  Kavutuvam, Pushpanjali and Shabdam. 

Children grow their friendships, self-discipline and skills as performers while learning under caring, compassionate teachers. 

Refer to curriculum for more information.


This level focuses at the advanced level of the elements of bharatanatyam which includes Varnam, Keerthanam, Padam, Javali, Ashtapadi and Thillana.

As they build their skills, our students become accomplished stage performers and are also encouraged to develop other areas of their lives such as academic or athletic pursuits. 

Refer to curriculum for more information.


Pranavam School of Dance has a focus on training the student for Arangetram. This is a minimum of 6 months to 1 year of intensive training which includes stamina build up and presentation as a soloist.

Please seek an appointment to learn more about these levels.

Refer to curriculum for more information.

Prauda (Women)

Build your skills and express yourself through dance with Bharathanatyam lessons at Pranavam School of Dance. 

Classes are available at Piscataway, Monroe, Princeton Junction, Robbinsville, and Princeton.

Refer to curriculum for more information.

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Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a class for you.