Bollywood, named with a nod to Hollywood, is the world’s largest film industry.

Typical movies are lively musicals with timeless tales of love, infused with stunning dance scenes. In Bollywood films, the choreography is fun-filled, energetic and danced with as many people as possible.

Dance in the Indian film industry was initially based primarily on Indian dance and references classical Indian styles such as the mujra and folk dance. However, influences from the West were very early, and Indian dance elements were blended with Western dance styles.

Learning Bollywood dancing from our passionate and energetic teachers will be a breeze! We will guide you through even the most difficult steps with patience and ease.

As compassionate teachers, we will guide you through even the most difficult steps with patience and ease.

Working with us will stimulate a new appreciation for Bollywood music, awakening the dancing skill you always had deep down inside of you. Whether you are a pro Bollywood dancer, or a beginner with two left feet, there is always something to learn about dancing at Pranavam.

The music and dancing in Bollywood movies are completely infectious, featuring passion-filled excitement combined with neat, choreographed beauty.

Here at Pranavam, we took the same energizing spirit of Bollywood, but gave it a fitness twist too, creating full-body cardio workouts that keeps you moving and smiling the entire way through.

Get ready to jump, squat, crunch, as we lead you through different routines which will definitely get your heart pumping and your muscles screaming for more. While capturing the beauty and zealous passion of Bollywood dancing into our performances, we also hope we have given you a new appreciation of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We hope that you enjoy learning from us as much as we enjoy teaching you!