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Amogh is a name that translates in Sanskrit as “invincible”. The word “Amogh” literally means “That which has no alternative.” In Iranian mythology, the name Amogh is said to have many beneficial qualities, bestowing wealth, wisdom and excellent health.

Pranavam school of dance gives an opportunity to all our students to express themselves through dance. “Amogh – The invincible”. Amogh is also the name of Lord Ganesha, the Lord of all Wealth and Wisdom. In our Hindu culture we start everything by praying him to overcome all the obstacles. We would like to bring in an invincible energy and determination in each and every child in whatever they intend to do in their lives. 

Our dance recital is a culmination of 9 months of dance classes where students learn various choreographies and build self confidence through their performances. Students range in age from 5 years and up will be performing as Amogh is a result of our core value – Equal opportunity.Every year our students look forward to join their hands together and put together an amazing show. It is their opportunity to present their learnings for family and friends.