Healthy Strategies for the New Year

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Healthy Strategies for the New Year


Keep a journal and write daily about your experiences and emotions and allow yourself to be open and accepting of uglier emotions that might come up & allow yourself to take pride in your accomplishments.

Grow your own herbs!! 

You can actually grow an assortment of delicious herbs from inside your home, you can save money, know what it is you’re eating, and feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment too.

Go for a walk (in nature)

This can cure many varied bouts of anxiety and also help to create a momentum throughout the day. Also great for brainstorming, creative thinking. Whether in silence, or with earbuds, alone or with a friend (or a dog friend), this is a great daily ritual.

Every moment of sadness or insecurity is an opportunity for self discovery

Ask yourself questions about why you react to things the way that you do. Open doors and begin to understand your circumstances and heal past wounds.

Try to align with your body’s circadian rhythms

You cannot ever be fully awake if you do not fully rest. As intriguing as dreams can be, they go hand in hand with a very light stage of sleep, what we want to maximize throughout the night is a deeper stage of sleeping which is supposed to occur between 10pm- 6am. Try to get to bed a little earlier and practice being productive in the morning. For creative people, early morning is the best time of the day to set an intention or to do something artistic.

Try Yoga! Or any other meditative practice that resonates with you and is compatible with your lifestyle

Most anxiety and depression can actually be perpetuated through our own personal narratives in our heads. Allowing your body to flow into movements or your mind to sink into stillness can help to cultivate an unwavering resilience which is the state in which all humans are designed to live in.

Write some letters to some loved ones

Not only will this make their day, week, or month… but also you will find that you love to express gratitude towards those people who keep showing you the best parts of yourself and who have a special place in your heart. Writing a letter is just as beautiful as receiving one, it is mutually beneficial. 

It is never too late to pick things right back up

It is beautiful to challenge yourself during new beginnings but remember that you are on your own team. Just because we can’t be our best selves every day or every moment doesn’t mean that it is ever too late to gain a fresh perspective or change up the rules a little bit. Change is natural and beautiful. Discipline is important, but so is acceptance of what is, and resilience when life feels too difficult

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