Meditative Activities

1. Laundry/ Dishes/ Cleaning

These are things that you can do without having to think about much at all. There is immediate gratification & tangible results. You don’t have to sit with your legs folded holding your breath in order to clear your mind. The act of cleaning and then just being in a clean space are great ways to allow your thoughts to pass on their own.

2. Dancing/Singing

Make a playlist of music that totally envelopes you. Become one with the moment through music. Let yourself play! Watch your body flow and sway to the rhythm of a beautiful song. Sing in the shower, the resonance makes the radiance of one’s voice stand out.

3. Yoga/Stretching/Massage

Sometimes anxious thoughts transform into physical tension or knots in the body. Often a physical discomfort is linked with an emotional blockage and if you can focus on clearing out physical blockages in the body, it can become more resilient and less likely to take on new aches and troubles.

4. Jogging/Exercising

Get into a flow state. Muscle memory can take over when you are engaged in physical exercise, which can free the mind to either think about things from a more balanced perspective, or thoughts might just not come up, leaving you with no choice but to feel moments of peace.

5. Caring for Plants/Observing Nature

Tending to plants is a huge part of what differentiates humans from monkeys. People have an undeniable connection with the earth and all that it has to offer us. What we also have is self awareness and the ability to sow seeds. Plants are great reminders of our true persevering spirits and our inherent intelligence and beauty.

6. Drawing/Painting

You don’t have to be “good at it”. You are already art without trying. Every interpretation you make of the reality that is constantly unfolding before you is art. Taking the time to create something from nothing is satisfying and profound. Your perspective is inherently interesting. Make a mark. It isn’t necessary to overthink a piece of art, for it is more about the “doing it” then having it, or selling it, or even liking it. It is likeable because you are likeable and it is an extension of you.

7. Breathing

This is something we can do all the time! Most people are doing it most of the time, but we allow it to become so automatic that you can almost forget how it feels to take a deep breath. Let out a sweet sigh. Tension can sometimes escape your body through breathing. Observe the richness of your breaths and the stillness of the spaces in between. Anywhere. Anytime. Always a good idea.

8. Consciously Sipping/ Eating

In the working world many people plan their days around their meals, most people manage to eat three meals per day. That is three or more opportunities to take it slow. Chew your food fully, allow your taste buds to truly savor and absorb the nutrients that are entering your system. These can be moments of realization and remembrance of the fact that you are Alive! This isn’t your first meal and hopefully won’t be your last… What’s the rush, anyway? Enjoy the things that your body is hardwired to enjoy.

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