Searching for Fun Things to Do After School Not Typical of Average Child Care Programs?

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Dance Rockers

Searching for Fun Things to Do After School Not Typical of Average Child Care Programs?

After school dance lessons are a great activity to build your child’s future with.

Dance is not merely arbitrary movement for kicks. It is an expression, a language in itself that is just as vital as the languages used for verbal communication. It speaks in patterns, waves, and rhythms, and communicates to and from areas of the brain that help people function better on every level, every day. A society lacking in dance is a society missing out on a plethora of mental and physical benefits, the natural language of the body, and the beautiful freeing experience of dancing. Just because the current state of affairs rarely affords children the right to learn dance, or learn through dance at school, does not mean that we have to comply. After school activities involving dance are a great opportunity to get children involved in something that will fulfill their hearts, free their spirits, and teach them the link between intention and outcome and the magic of spontaneous movement. Classical and Bollywood dance styles can do wonders for children! In 2003 there was a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, comparing dance to 11 different types of physical activities (including after school activities), such as, golf, tennis, and swimming. The article found that dance, more than the rest, lowers ones risk of dementia. Indian classical style dancing is so amazing for the developing mind (or the adult mind), by the practicing and sharpening your skills every day along with the patience involved because dancing requires strength, focus, coordination, flexibility, and cooperation. One won’t be able to get it straight away of course but it will instill those qualities within every dancer in no time. Indian classical dance gives you a cathartic release of pent up emotions, there are seven roles and through them you will learn about the connection between body, mind, and soul. Then, you become more self aware and definitely more confident.

Bollywood style dance releases hormones to help the body handle stress. The best thing you can do for a young mind is show it ways to cope with stress. Endurance, and a body that likes to move, wants to move, is what you can get from Bollywood style dance. Of course any aerobic exercise reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol/increasing good cholesterol. The rigorous ecstatic flow of Bollywood dancing can also increase insulin reactivity, which reduces chances of getting type-2 diabetes. Not every activity is created equal, all are linked to positive reactions in the body and the mind, but Bollywood and Classical style Indian dance can do leaps and bounds over what plain old softball can do. Take away the possibility of taking a ball to the face, and replace it with cooperating and coordinating with others along with the competition aspect if one prefers. Take away the quick spurts of running from base to base on your turn and replace that with constant movement, metaphoric movement at that, which helps develop the mind as well as understand that sometimes the point to life is to simply dance.

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