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What Our Students Say

My 6 year old daughter has been taking Bharatanatyam classes at Pranavam School of Dance for the last two years. She loves it, especially performing and learning about the mythological stories that are part of this tradition. It has amazed me how much she has absorbed from learning the mudras, the Sanskrit shlokas, stories, and eye, neck and head movements. The dances allow for the expression of the full range of emotions and students are given opportunities to perform. Learning Bharatanatyam has increased her confidence, and provided powerful feminine role models for her to emulate. As her mother and as a long time student of Vedanta, I appreciate that my daughter can be immersed in this wonderful tradition.

I would encourage any parent whose child is interested in learning Bharata Natyam to consider sending them to Pranavam School of Dance.

Jillian (Angela's Mother)

Great place for kids to get into world of dancing. My daughter joined here and she grow natural interest in dancing and never stopped. Ms. Pranaya natural teaching skills help my daughter to have fun in dancing and also take dancing more seriously day by day. I would recommend to let the kids join and enjoy.

Sudheer ( Anjali’s Dad)

My daughter enjoys the bharatnatyam dance classes at Pranavam. Teacher Ms Pranaya is highly talented and patiently teaches the kids. Kids are also encouraged for stage performances through yearly recital and other dance competitions during the year.

Sonu ( Anusha’s Mom)

I am sending my 10 year old twin boys to Pranavam for close to one year now. Pranaya is really good teacher and choreographer who is really passionate about dance and teaching. My kids had a good time, including getting in a 2nd place in an dance competition.

Chaitanya (Ishaan & Merwaan’s Dad)

Pranaya is an excellent teacher who never fails to put up excellent shows ! I have nothing but great things to say about this dance school . Just how they motivate and encourage the children to achieve their potential is Phenomenal ! Wishing Pranavam school of dance the very best !!

Smathi ( Sanjana’s mom)

My daughter has been learning Bharatanatyam from Ms. Pranaya for almost an year now. I see a lot of improvement in her dancing and she loves going to this dance school. Ms. Pranaya is a wonderful and talented teacher who takes best interest in each student. I highly recommend Pranvam School of Dance!

Rajalakshmi ( Anuoshka’s Mom)