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What Our Students Say

Success Stories
Reflection of a good dance teacher is simply watching how your kid perform and have that as a measure. We are seeing our daughter’s progress over a year now and we see her interest is always upwards for dance and that speaks good about the teacher. It’s a slow progress and as parents we ought to have enormous patience in waiting for our kid perfecting each dance moves. We thank Ms.Pranaya for instilling the confidence and helping our kid show interest towards dance. We wish she continues the same vigor and truly make this school an authentic place for bharatnatyam.
Viji Babu ( Vibha’s Mom)
Success Stories
Pranaya gives personal attention for every kid. She is the best. I am impressed with my daughters performance after she joined Pranavam. I strongly recommend Pravanam School of dance if your kid is passionate in dance.
Dariya Ramesh Babu ( Sherley’s Dad)
Success Stories
I have a four and half year old who is learning Bharatnatyam from Ms. Pranaya. We are so glad that we found her as a teacher. She pays close attention to her students and is very invested in making sure that kids learn the dance skills. If you are in central NJ and are thinking about enrolling your kids in Bharatnatyam dance class, I would highly recommend this place.
Chandresh Dubey (Vidhi’s Dad)
Success Stories
Pranavam School of Dance lives up to its name, i.e., the purre, serene and mighty sound of ‘OM’ and the associated eternal dance of Lord Shiva. The accomplished classical dancer Pranyasheela who owns and teaches one of the oldest classical forms of dance Bharatnatyam, is very talented, devoted, dedicated and patient in imparting this great form of art to her students that range from young primary school aged kids to experienced dancers that want to enhance their dancing skills. It is my sincere wish that the name and fame of this dance academy grows leaps and bounds and it inspires and imparts the ageless classical Indian dance form to all seekers of this art.
Usha Thuravil (Neeharika Thuravil)
Success Stories
Pranaya is an awesome teacher – my 5 year old daughter has been going to Pranavam School of Dance for a few months now and she is absolutely loving it. I have been looking for a school of Indian classical dance (particularly Bharatnatyam) for my daughter and I am glad I found this school. Pranaya is a great teacher and is extremely patient with small kids. I love the fact that in addition to usual dance routines she teaches the kids shlokas and Indian mythological stories in dance form.
Devdutta basu ( Aryahi’s Mom)
Success Stories
Pranavam school of dance n Pranaya concentrates more on perfection N she makes sure all her students know their dance steps well . After a long search I found this dance class in Robbinsville township . My daughter love to go to her classes . She is the best teacher n wishing Pranaya n all her students in Robbinsville a very best wishes for future endeavors.
Meena (Akshara’s Mom)
Success Stories
Success Stories