The Art Of Bharatanatyam

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The Art Of Bharatanatyam

In it’s truest essence, dance refines the soul and brings the mind closer to the ultimate truth. For some, this truth is their passion, the reason they wake up in the morning. For others, it is a driving force, towards a goal that would otherwise be unreachable.

Just like meditation, dance has been practised for centuries as a form of art, spirituality, and even a sense of belonging, something that is vaguely but significantly missing from our lives. In such a situation, what better gift can you give your child, than bringing them closer to their inner self, their roots and heritage, and more importantly, to their ultimate truth.

For several years now, Bharatnatyam has been extensively studied, practised, and taught not just in India, but around the world. After years of practice, Bharatnatyam teachers propagate the beauty of the dance, along with all its added benefits, to all kinds of people willing to adapt to this beautiful art form. And now, there are opportunities to bring Bharatnatyam into our lives at a much younger age.

Children, being malleable and extremely receptive at their tender age, are most competent and accepting of the gift of Bharatnatyam training. Their flexible body structure assists them in developing the right posture for the dance form, the dance moves are attractive to their ever distracted eye, and of course, the music is enchanting, engaging, and melodious. Also, the excess energy of childhood is much better utilized in learning this refined dance form, as compared to various other physical activities that may often be dangerous.

Not to mention the bonding that they develop with their peers of similar age groups in a group activity like dancing. As their tiny bodies sway to the classical music played for Bharatnatyam training, their minds learn to focus, adapt, and act effectively along with those around them, resulting in a marvelous formation of energies and minds, intertwined, and magnificent to look at.

Leave a child in a room full of strangers, and their innocent hearts find a sense of connection with the new surroundings. So what happens when children have to grow up away from their homeland, with a different set of values to learn from, and a different lifestyle to adapt to? What brings them closer to their ancestors, their native belief system, and their heritage? What gives them a sense of belonging as they grow up, in this world full of chaos?

The answer is an activity that thrills their mind by telling them stories of their gods and kings, and gets them to use their youthful energy in a productive way, yielding not just a performance, but also inner joy for the heart! Yes, Bharatnatyam, in its complex simplicity, and extravagant presence!

Is Bharatanatyam difficult for kids?

If you feel that Bharatnatyam will be too difficult for a 4-year-old child, assurance lies everywhere, starting from the epic Bharatnatyam dancers who started at a very young age, under influence of their teachers, family, or just an inspiration that drove them into the accepting world of performing arts. And not just Bharatnatyam, every classical Indian dance form has influenced young minds in very productive ways. It isn’t unheard of various professionals like doctors, engineers, scientists, chefs, or even sportsmen to be proficient in a dance form, be it classical or our favorite Bollywood.

So with all this information, where is the doubt that a child growing up away from homeland will definitely benefit from being trained in a rewarding art, even if not extremely passionately in the beginning, but at least as a solid and reliable foundation, taking them further in life with deep roots that will help them grow taller towards the sky.

Every child, regardless of how sincere, naughty, quiet, or aggressive they are, this is the one thing that will give them a sense of achievement, of something greater than academics, something they will fall in love with every day, and come back the next day to love even more. As they grow up, they will be special, irrespective of what is going on in their lives, successes, or failures. They will always have their dance form to come back to, like home. And that is, indeed, the best thing that you can do for your children, giving them a sense of belonging, in a world where everyone feels lost, and everyone wants to be found.

So bring them to us and let us be there for them, emotionally, physically, and most importantly, as an art, they can always come back to!!

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