The Value Of Recitals

The Value of Recitals

Performances are some of the best experiences for any dance student. They get to experience the camaraderie and thrill that comes with working with team members to put on a show for an audience. Our annual recitals are a perfect chance to experience this thrill of performing in front of a supportive audience of friends and families. Recitals help our students develop many skills that help them both in dance class and in life as well. Here are a few reasons why we highly suggest and encourage every student to participate in our recitals!

1. Celebrating Students – Our students have put hours and hours of work into their dances. Recitals give them the chance to showcase this hard work in front of a supportive audience. We get to join our students as they all celebrate their success over the last year!

2. Confidence – Annual recitals give students the chance to perform their work on stage. This might be one of the first times they are exposed to the stage. Recitals help students build their confidence. This will help them not only in future dance recitals and competitions but throughout their lives in whatever they wish to do. 

3. Teamwork – Students learn how to perform with other people. This is more important now than ever before. Due to the pandemic, our students spent their last year learning from home and missed out on the collaboration that comes with dancing. Recitals give our students that chance to collaborate with others and thus further develop their team working skills. 

4. Individuality – All students learn in their own ways. Performing gives students the opportunity to add their own personality into the choreography that they learned. Adding a bit of you to everything that you learn is an important skill and a recital is something that will expose students to this new aspect of learning!

5. Discipline –  Recitals are a great way for students to learn discipline. Since presentation is key to a good performance, kids learn to be disciplined about how they behave during the recital itself as well as while practicing.

6. Experience – By participating in recitals students are given the experience of performing in front of a crowd. This experience can give them confidence and the thrill of showing off the things they have learned. It is important to give children experiences when they are young so that they can grow comfortable presenting in front of crowds and new people. 

Give your child the amazing chance to grow both as a dancer and as a person! Come join us in the celebration of our students!

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